Easy Lunches - Mini Naan Pizzas!

I like to stick to the basics when it comes to lunch: sandwich, salad, or wrap. When I get tired of those options and need more variety (without taking extra time) I make Naan Pizzas! They're simple, customizable, and best of all - delicious.

I chose the traditional route with my pizzas here (turkey pepperoni & cheese and canadian bacon & pineapple) but you can get more creative with your flavors! You can replace the pepperoni with chicken or turkey and use bbq for the sauce.

This is also really family friendly - get your kids involved! Everyone can add their own favorite toppings.

^This turkey pepperoni is my favorite! It has a good flavor but a little less fat than traditional pepperoni so save on calories. That means I can load my pizza up with more cheese!

I used Naan bread from Costco, I've found it at other grocery stores as well.

Naan Pizza

Yield: 1 serving

320 calories / 23 P / 14 F / 28 C

  • 1 mini naan bread

  • 2 Tbsp pizza sauce

  • 1 oz. low fat mozzarella cheese, shredded

  • 10 slices turkey pepperoni

  • Optional toppings: green peppers, olives, turkey bacon crumbles, pineapple, canadian bacon


  1. Top naan bread with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese.

  2. Place pizza on parchment-lined baking sheet. Broil in the oven on high for 3-5 minutes, or until cheese is melted (watch it closely! It burns easily).



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