For a long time I struggled with knowing what I should eat. Every person I knew seemed to be trying a new diet. It all started when I was in college and gained the oh-so-fun freshman 15 (more like the sophomore 20 for me!). I was frustrated because I was studying nutrition! I should be able to figure this out!!

What I did...

I spent years trying to figure out the right diet I should be on. I kept starting one thinking that it'd be my "miracle diet" only for it to leave me more feeling worse and like a failure when I couldn't stick to it. 

After years of obsessing over what I ate, I found myself more unhappy than ever. I would restrict what I was eating to the point that I'd avoid going out with friends so I didn't have to explain why I wasn't eating. 

I would dread looking in the mirror or at pictures of myself because I hated what I looked like. The more I obsessed and tried to "fix" my problem the more miserable I became. 


It wasn't until I gave up on trying to eat "clean" and made my peace with food did I ever see any REAL progress. I was finally able to hit my target weight without all the stress and anxiety. 

Now what I do...

After I gave up on spending every waking minute worried about food I started to feel truly HAPPY for the first time in years. I began to look in the mirror and actually feel like I loved my body.

I no longer obsess about food or what I "should" be eating (I eat a treat everyday! yes, EVERY day!). I now have a healthy relationship with food and feel so much better not only physically but mentally too!

I don't track calories or macros, I don't restrict entire food groups and I never feel like I'm starving myself. 


Now that I'm not obsessed with dieting, I have more time for YOU!


But not just any clients

If you...

  • have tried every diet in the book without long-lasting results 

  • are tired from counting calories, points, macros, etc.

  • need a diet plan that fits your specific lifestyle and not just general guidelines

  • feel like diets are too restrictive and just leave you unhappy

  • like chocolate and want to eat it EVERY day!

Then you're in the right place!!

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What to expect from your free consultation:

  •  45 minutes to talk about your health goals and ask any questions you have

  • Complementary body composition analysis

  • Breakdown of specific goals and steps needed to achieve them

  • Thorough breakdown of the program you'll receive - how the meal plan works and what exercise program will be best for your body type

  • See examples of past clients' meal plans and workout programs

  • Talk through how we will create your weight loss plan to get YOU results! 

Program Outline




















                                             What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

  • Customized meal plan with foods you enjoy eating (all REAL foods, no meal replacement shakes)

  • Food plan tailored to your schedule

  • Healthy and easy recipes

  • Food swapping guide

  • Eating out guide

  • Workout program tailored to your lifestyle

  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced options

  • Exercises you can do at home, the gym, or on the go!

  • Weekly check-in appointments one on one with me

  • Body composition analysis

  • Change nutrition and exercise program on a weekly basis based on your preferences and results

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